The "Beneteau Rendezvous" was held on Catalina Island, California, from August 28th-30th, 1998. The Banning House B & B at the Isthmus was the center of activities, situated on a hill overlooking the Isthmus Harbor on the North side, and Cat Harbor on the south side.

These pictures were taken by Howard and Shirley Rosenberg ("Encore," Hull #10.)

View of the Isthmus from the Banning House B & B.

Howard Rosenberg and the view from the Banning House

Shirley Rosenberg at the "L'il Red School House"

"Encore" (411, Hull #10) and "my girl QUICKLY" (411, Hull #35) rafted together

"Encore" and "my Girl QUICKLY"

Rich Cashman, owner of "my girl QUICKLY" and Shirley Rosenberg ("Encore")