Pete Sorenson's "Pacific High " Hull #167 -- Page 2

The following describes how to modify the 411’s 4:1 traveler to a 5:1 traveler.
The job is easy and low cost.  The traveler is still hard to
pull in a blow, but should be 20% easier according to the math.
All part numbers below are Lewmar Size 2.   The size number is a guess based
upon the Lewmar recommendation for the 411 boat length.  The directions are
for one side of the traveler.  Do the same for the second side.

Changes to mainsheet car:
Add a dead eye PN 2917-2010 to the top of the car.

Changes to end stop:
Add a single sheave PN 2917-2011 on top of the existing control line
end stop (PN 2917-2030) and secure with longer screws that will pass
through this sheave and into the end stop.

Re-feed the traveler line starting with its eye in the car’s dead eye (new),
then through the top end stop sheave (new), then the top car sheave,
then the bottom end stop sheave, then the bottom car sheave,
then to the turning block to come back to the cockpit.
The existing line was long enough for me to use with the new configuration.